PackAware is a service for

Intelligent package tracking

Use PackAware to track position, detect hazards and problems of your important cargo. Get real data and share it.

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Yepzon Coco

Meet the Yepzon Coco

Say goodbye to lost and damaged packages and costly delays.

Yepzon Coco is industrial grade tracking device designed in collaboration with positioning experts of Yepzon for use with PackAware service.

Its advanced sensors help you find problem areas in your supply chain. Monitor position (GPS/GSM cell), temperature, humidity and collisions (acceleration).

Always get the latest information thanks to near realtime global communication via 2G mobile networks.

120€ to 140€ based on order quantity

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Invoice and card payments accepted!

Ways PackAware can help you

Detect damage

Use acceleration, temperature and humidity data to detect potential damage to your packages.

Find missing packages

Use GPS and GSM cell location data to find missing or stolen packages.

Improve delivery chain

Use data to identify problem areas in your delivery chain.

Schedule deliveries

Set targets dates for deliveries and be notified when delivery has missed.

Monitor conditions

Use temperature, humidity and acceleration data to learn about environments your cargo spends time in.

Easy, global operation

Tracking devices work globally via mobile networks. No SIM cards or additional infrastructure required.

Add attachments

Keep organized by adding package list and other relevant documents to the packages.

Share package location

Keep your customers informed by sharing the package location.

Integrate data to other systems

Use our REST API to integrate the collected data into your systems.

Use existing accounts

Sign in using your existing Microsoft work accounts or get new accounts via invite system.

Minimize time spent emailing

Avoid spending hours emailing or in the phone to find your packages. Just sign in to PackAware.

Ready to use SaaS service

We fully manage and host the service so you can focus on your business.

Product news / 29 August 2019

Invoice payment now accepted

Our online store now accepts invoice payments in addition to previously supported card payments.

This update should improve the experience of purchasing new tracking devices.

We look forward for any feedback you may have.

Product news / 27 September 2018

Online store now open

We've opened a new online store where you can purchase tracking devices and in the future other services too.

Orders can be paid by credit & debit cards, but we're looking into adding other payment methods such as invoice in the future.

Please remember, our sales team is ready to help.

Product news / 20 September 2018

Opening two new channels of communication

With the new Feedback and ideas page our users are able to better express their feedback. As the feedback is tracked in a ticket it doesn't get lost and we can keep you updated on the progress we're making.

The improved Service updates page enables us to keep you informed about the changes we make to PackAware.

Both of these features enable public discussion and allow automatic email notifications via the GitHub platform.

Product news / 8 June 2018

Improved mobile UI and location sharing feature

Today's update brings two major features:

Please contact us for any feedback regarding these features.

Article / 23 February 2018

PackAware – Intelligent Package Tracking

Important cargo on the way? And you don’t have any reliable information about its current location or conditions it has been exposed to on the road? Don’t worry – we have the solution for you.

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