Why PackAware?

Logistics is hard. Millions of machines, devices and spare parts travel the globe via air, sea and ground. Accidents are unavoidable. Sometimes your cargo and business will be affected.

To minimize delay and harm to your customers, it’s important to be able to react quickly when something goes wrong. PackAware notifies you automatically when it detects something has likely gone wrong. The ability to detect and react will save the situation and make you a winner in your business.

Leverage the benefits of modern Industrial Internet era tools in your business to inspire confidence and trust in your customers.

Detect damage

The tracking device measures acceleration, temperature and humidity of your package. Collisions, harmful accelerations and vibrations can be detected using acceleration data. Extreme temperatures can be detected from the temperature data. Rain and water condensation damage can be detected from the humidity data.

By default, PackAware considers accelerations over 8 g, humidities over 60 % RH, temperatures under 5 °C and temperatures over 40 °C harmful and notifies you if those limits are exceeded. You can customize these settings further to better suit your business.

Find missing packages

Tracking devices use the best available positioning method automatically. When GPS signal is available you can see the location of a package with up to 10-meter accuracy. GSM cell tower location is used when GPS is not available to get a rough estimate of the location.

The position data can be used to find missing or stolen packages.

Improve delivery chain

Use the data and automatically generated notifications find out if your packages are often mishandled or delayed in specific parts of your delivery chain. With data as evidence, you have the required leverage to improve your delivery chain.

Schedule deliveries

Set target location and delivery date for each order.

PackAware will use the collected data to monitor the transport of the package and let you know if delivery has missed the target date.

Statistical data from deliveries can be used to detect bottlenecks in your delivery chain.

Monitor conditions

Some packages, such as industrial devices, bearings, medicine or foodstuff are sensitive to temperature and humidity.

Use the collected temperature and humidity data to learn about environments your cargo spends time in.

Easy, global operation

Tracking device comes fully ready to use. Just turn on the power switch to start tracking.

Global operation in over 150 countries is achieved with the integrated eSIM module. 2G mobile network technology offers best signal reception and battery time until more advanced technologies are available. Because mobile networks are used, no additional infrastructure, such as stationary RFID gates, are required.

Device’s integrated battery is pre-charged to last over 2 months with default settings.

Add attachments

Take a photo before your package is sent or add other important order documents as attachments to packages.

Use attachments files to keep your documents organized to make troubleshooting and responding to future inquiries easy.

Share package location

Increase transparency towards your customers by sharing a view to live location of your deliveries.

Location can be shared by a simple link that doesn’t require PackAware user account from the customer.

Integrate data to other systems

The data collected by your tracking devices is available in our REST API for your custom integrations.

Use the API to integrate data into ERP or SAP systems or build customized tracking applications that fit your special needs best.

Minimize time spent emailing

Multiple hours can be spent emailing or on the phone when you or your customer has questions about deliveries.

Often the questions go unanswered or getting answers takes a lot of time.

PackAware modernizes your cargo operations to Industrial Internet era. Just sign in to PackAware and find out what is going on with your package.

Use existing accounts

Your company might already be using Microsoft work accounts for Office 365 and other Microsoft services. You can continue to use the same user accounts with PackAware.

This simplifies operations for your IT department and users. Your users don’t need to remember additional usernames or password and your IT department can close and create accounts without worrying about PackAware.

If your company doesn’t use Microsoft work accounts we can provide you accounts via Microsoft’s B2B account system.

User authentication is managed and secured by Microsoft so your accounts are safe.

Ready to use SaaS service

Because PackAware is a software as a service (SaaS) type offering, you don't need to make any IT or software investments to start using the service. We fully manage and host the service so you can focus on your business.

To deliver the highest quality and no-downtime service we use our expertise combined with Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure to host the service.