Additional services

Our pricing is simple. You can get started with just the cost of the tracking device.

However we offer some optional features that are available with Pay-As-You-Go pricing or with separate Enterprise Agreement.

Pay-As-You-Go pricing

You are billed based on the monthly usage per following pricing table.

Users 5 free for each organization
Additional users 8 € per user/month
Billed based on the highest number of users of the month
Attachment files 300 free for each organization
Additional attachment files 1 € per file/month
Billed based on the highest number of attachment files in storage during the month

Pay-As-You-Go calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your monthly cost.

users =
files =

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Enterprise Agreement pricing and contracts

Enterprises may contact us for custom service and contract.

Frequently asked questions

How does the attachment file pricing work?

The total number of attachment files in your orders and packages is counted. Total 300 or fewer attachments are stored for free. Any extra attachments after the free ones are billed per attachment as specified in the above pricing table. The highest number of attachments during the month is used for billing.

The attachment file will be automatically deleted once the order or package it is attached to is deleted. Order and its packages are stored for 12 months from the creation of the order as specified in the service limits, quotas and constraints. You may also choose to delete the attachment manually.

An attachment file can be maximum of 50 MB in size, which is enough for most photos and other documents. To prevent abuse files in .zip, .7z and .rar format are limited to 10 MB size.

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