Yepzon Coco

Advanced cargo tracking device

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Each device includes
  • 3 month global SIM service (info)
  • 24 month data storage in PackAware (info)

99 € VAT 0%

In stock (over 500 pcs.)

3 month SIM service extension

Extends the global SIM service of a single Yepzon Coco tracking device by 3 months.

Once purchased, the extension can be assigned to a tracking device of your choice. Once assigned the extension is not transferable to another tracking device.

30 € VAT 0%

Coming soon
Coming soon

Additional services

User licenses

Organization starts with 3 free monthly active users so you can get started for free.

If your organization requires more than 3 monthly active users you need to activate "Billing mode".

What are monthly active users?

Free mode (default)
Free, all features usable, max 3 active users.

Billing mode
10€ (VAT 0%) per month per active user.

Tracker device data API

Our REST API can be used if you require programmatic access to tracking device data.

Please note that the API only offers the data collected by the tracking devices so other data such as attachments and events are excluded.

Full API documentation

Free mode (default)
Free, max 30 000 requests per month.

Billing mode
1€ per 1000 requests.
Payment methods
Invoice and all major debit and credit cards.
Shipping cost
10 € to 20 € (VAT 0%).
Delivery time
1 to 5 days business days.
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