Coco user guide [PDF]
June 26, 2018


Coco diagram

Unpack the Coco from its packaging and make sure all the parts are there. Inspect the device visually for any damage.

The package contains:

  • Coco tracking device

The optional accessories may include:

  • Mounting screws
  • User guide
  • USB cable

The Coco comes fully charged and ready to use so charging is not required.

The LED status indicator blinks when the Coco is communicating with PackAware.

Starting up the Coco

Follow these steps to start up the Coco. Once started up, the Coco will collect data and communicate with PackAware automatically once an hour.

1. Turn power switch to on position.

2. Blinking led indicator confirms that the device has started.

Mounting the Coco to the package

1. Use 4x45mm screws or other reliable fastener to mount the Coco to the package firmly. Coco should be installed inside the package.

Coco mounting holes

Coco has four 4 mm mounting holes as shown in the diagram.

Linking to PackAware service

The Coco must be linked to order in PackAware to access the data.

You will need Coco product key to link the Coco. The product key is printed on a sticker on the Coco. Copy the product key manually or use a barcode reader.

1. Locate the product key sticker on the device.

2. Use the product key to complete the linking as shown in the PackAware documentation "Pack" (


After the package reaches its destination, the Coco should be recycled as described in the "Coco disposal guide" (

A printed copy of the disposal guide should be placed among the packing list for the recipient.