Link a tracking device to your order

Tracking device must be linked to an order to view its data. In PackAware the process of linking a tracking device to an order is called Packing.

Each packed tracking device creates a package within that order. Single order can contain multiple packages.

Required steps

To complete these steps you must be signed in.

  1. On PackAware main menu click the Pack button.
  2. Sign in link
  3. Enter the Order reference and the Coco product key and select the Owner.

    Owner: Organization that is the owner or recipient of the order. This organization will be able to see the order in the order list and make changes to it.
    Order reference: PO number or other reference you know or remember. Same order reference can be used multiple times to pack multiple tracking devices to the same order.
    Coco product key: The product key that is printed to sticker on the Coco tracking device.

  4. Click Confirm.

Packing is complete. You may continue with optional steps or move to Dashboard or Order list from the main menu.

Optional steps

These steps can also be done later from the order page.

  1. Add any Attachment files or write Notes about the package.
  2. Click Save.

Packing is complete. You may proceed to pack additional tracking devices or move to Dashboard or Order list from the main menu.

Additional information

After packing there is some delay before the package will show up on the Dashboard. The Dashboard will show the package when the Coco next time sends data to PackAware. Usually this happens within 60 minutes of packing.